Why LeBron is the 🐐Goat…We talking Basketball or the Man ….

Why LeBron is the Goat 🐐……. We talking basketball or the Man or Both

by Dave Leonardis

LeBron James spent his considerable resources getting a school for at-risk children built. 

Michael Jordan gambled his considerable resources so hard that his father was murdered over his debt. 

LeBron James has been outspoken about gun violence and police brutality, particularly in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice, and called out Your President numerous times for being a divisive racist. 

Michael Jordan stood silent as kids across the country killed each other over his overpriced shoes and has been criticized by other athletes, namely Jim Brown, for his unwillingness to risk his likability with endorsement companies by taking a stand on social issues. 

I don’t care about Jordan’s six rings. Bill Russell has 11. I don’t care about Jordan’s kicks. I wear adidas anyway. I don’t care that he once dunked from the foul line. Julius Erving did it first, Brent Barry did it after and dozens have done it since. I don’t care about The Shot or his game-winner against Utah. LeBron made a similar shot last season and Kyrie Irving’s dagger in the Finals three years ago was a more impressive shot and he didn’t need to illegally shove someone off to do it. 

 One of the perks of being a celebrity and role model is being able to use your voice to reach heights that the common man can’t. 

Jordan used his to be a spokesperson for whatever brand wanted to cut him a check, and when he made enough money, he isolated himself from a world that idolized him. 

LeBron, for all of his Finals failures, reputation for being an on-court prima Donna and the exhaustion the American public has developed watching him go from child prodigy to global icon, still fancies himself a man of the people. He continues to give back to a society that continues to give him shit. He didn’t let fans burning his jersey following his 2010 departure stop him from coming back to Cleveland and delivering his promise to bring a championship to a city that never experienced one. He hasn’t let his mural being vandalized twice by the same people he’ll perform in front of in Los Angeles tarnish his desire to continue the Laker legacy. 

Five months ago, many criticized Laura Ingraham (and rightfully so) for telling LeBron to just “shut up and dribble”, yet many of those same outraged masses continue to champion Jordan for adhering to that request for nearly four decades while keeping James under their oppressive thumb for not being enough of a winner. 

You gave Michael Jordan your money and your respect and your love. He gave you shoes, championships, highlights and the middle finger. 

You gave LeBron grief, disrespect and tired jokes. He gave you a fucking school. 

Maybe you wanna be like Mike, but you gon’ learn from LeBron.


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