Why LeBron is the 🐐Goat…We talking Basketball or the Man ….

Why LeBron is the Goat 🐐……. We talking basketball or the Man or Both by Dave Leonardis LeBron James spent his considerable resources getting a school for at-risk children built.  Michael Jordan gambled his considerable resources so hard that his father was murdered over his debt.  LeBron James has been outspoken about gun violence and…

The Life of Lindell Hunter

  Hi my name is Lindell D. Hunter I was born in Suffolk Virginia .I was raised in a Small town called Whaleysville Virginia .I was raised by my grandmothers Alma Hunter  and Eloise Goodman . I was build on the principles of respect leadership and entrepreneurship . I am the Founder/CEO of Ba9nas  ….

The Confidence Father Profile :

The Confidence Father Profile: Building a legacy with another proud father . Meet the Owner of Celebration Express : Mike Parham

Walking with the family.

Having a amazing walk with my Mom & daughter . Man I’ve come a long ways . I love my mother and all her greatest.

Welcome to Toronto Canada

Welcome to Toronto Canada (NBA ALLSTAR WEEKEND) . First time with friends . . The cold hurts . Old Canada